The Fetish of Life.

As I sit here with this new chapter of my life I begin to wonder is it for better or for worst.  My slave and I have been working on or fetish together but its a life fetish.  It’s what we live day-to-day with.   I will not bore any one with the details but what I can say is that life takes us to many places so that we can grow to who we are today.

As my slave and I grow together we play with all kinds of thoughts to make our life better.  We are sexually charged to each other like I have never been with any one else.  The things we do and the things we say have so much meaning when it is with her.  Tops talk about Devotion from there slave and how it means to each of us but I have never seen so much Devotion from my slave.  A slave that can be Molded, Trained, willing and so wanting.  But most all of us Tops had or has that.  I had a lot of slave in my time but this one that I have is so much a keeper

My girl and I are walking a new path together!  We are going to have a live in slave with us… There is a lot of things that go through my head that at this time I can pick them out, but I wounder is this going to better my life.  Is it going to make me have a new outlook on what to be later on….   Its only days and this new girl will be here and I am excited but I don’t see the silver lining. I going to take this as a stepping stone and post my feelings and whats going on so that maybe it will help others that want to walk on the Reigning Chaos of my Fetish of Live.

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