Tick Tock

Time rolls by and all i can do is think about my True slave girl.  I think of her so often that I day-dream about things that we have done and things that we are going to do…  But I am a Top!  I need to have control in these feelings and put them in check.  I fight with my feelings that and times it get in my way.  What to do! What to say!   I am a Top a Master to my slave! I need to remain in control of her and her feelings.  I have to makes sure that I put her into her place where she will look up at me and I see that Tear in her eye that crush’s part of me, but who am I.  I am “Me” a Master of my slave.

As the time rolls by My slave and I will have a girl who will live with us as my slave and I are going to start training.  For my slave and I this is a test to see what it maybe like to have another slave around.  Whats her name…. I am going to call her “girl”!!! What is she going to do for us? Well she is going to start helping my slave with house hold chores.  My slave is very busy with her job that I belive that it will help having this girl doing the chores that my slave can not get to during the day.  I will use my girl as a Nanny at times.  I will use her to do yard work and help when I need it.  I will also use this girl to please me sexually as will as my slave will get use of her… If this girl does badly I will punish her to the fullest as I will do the same to my slave since my slave is going to teach this girl.

I have to stand Tall because of my slave.  I do not know what it is going to become of this girl but I put it up to my slave to deal with her and start getting her prepared.  In my life I do not have room to make any mistakes and that goes the same for my slave.

Hands down to my slave that takes a great challenge to deal with this girl.

Who am I!  I am the Master of my Life!

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