32 Hours

Its been 32 hours since we had this girl with us.  I have to say that things seem to me “OK” but never look into a windstorm.  You might get something into your eye.  At this point I don’t know what to think.  This is new grounds that my Devoted slave and I are doing.  At this point this new girl is cleaning the house that I know my Slave and I have not done in so long is such a short time.  But this girl is doing it.  MMMMmmmm.

I like watching my slave play with this girl as the girl plays with my slave…. I have never seen anything like it before or had dreamed it…..  Some times I think it’s not real and that I am in a different word.  But I am not!  I here with my slave and this girl who are both willing to do what ever I ask.

My slave has been helping this girl in doing the things that she needs to get done.  As you know she is cleaning the house as my slave gives her more chores to do.  Let me add that this girl does not bite or fight and she is always ready to be used.

Playing with this girl is some something that is better than all the playmates that my slave and I have had…  This girl is “ready” but she is “needy” to.  I do have a problem with the Needy kind but I going to put limits on that… I will explain later.  This girl is good with her cunt… Her ass is something I going to have to work over a few time but we will get there with her…. Here mouth she needs some work.. I came into her mouth and I thought that she was going to lose it, but that’s what happens.

This girl is not like my Slave and she will never will be….. But she is a great toy for my slave and I to have to help us do the things that we can not get done with the house and to help please me and my slave…  I starting to like this as I grow with my slave with this and she has been really supported with the whole thing and with in time I will thank her……  But at this time I just stand back and wait.

What do I see?  Fog,,,,, But I have my slave there with me as long as we have a good head about things I belive we will be OK.

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