A bene placito “At one’s pleasure”

I fight with in my self from time to time to give and not take, but at this time my slave tells me this girl is for the taking. There is a line in life that we do not cross  but we all flirt with it.  I am getting comfortable with my slave and this new girl. I’m ready to cross this line take it and control it as it is there for me. I have given time for my slave and this girl to get to know each other and I am starting to like what I see with them.

As a Top I keep my slave at my side and in force to her to keep her place while her girl is learning from what my slave is teaching her and what she see’s with me.  There have been a few times that I had to put my slave to her knees and put the crop to her.  It’s funny to see the girl watching me punished my slave and I watched this girl fall into place like pieces of a puzzle.

At times I find my self swimming with emotions that I know I should put away since I am a Top.

“Control” is the key to ones mind that no one should take unless given.

Control is a tool of thought, planning, body movement and action.  With these I control my salve to what she is today.  But with or without I still love my slave.

As I help my slave with this new girl I had to tell her that she is not to strike this girl since she is not a switch and will never will be.  I told her to please let me know what she is doing wrong and I will us the Crop on her…  My slave asked me not to hit her hard with the crop but I reminded  her that there is only one strike speed and force and that’s “My” way.

At this point I do not know where this is going with this girl but I am starting to learn to take but I still have to show my slave that I love her and still need her to serve me and not think she is on the sidelines.  My slave and the girl should get punished together and have playtime together.  I will still have my day time fun with this new girl and use her as I see fit.  As for my slave I make sure she has time with me too.

Things that we are working on with this girl.

1. She needs to suck dick right and swallow with out gagging.

2. Orgasm control.

3. Detail control.

4. Dress code.

There are others but we will work on them later…. Lets get some of these under-control first.

At this point I happy with the clean house, my puppy seems happy and that may give me the chance to relax and start enjoying this girl with my slave.

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