Trust is every thing…. You got to have it to make your Submissive Cuckquean work.  To manage the trust is to talk about your desires and wants.  With this it starts a role of kinks which you may or may not play out.  Don’t tell each other what you think the other may want to hear… Tell them what you know you like and my want to experience.

Two key things?

1. The Role of Kinks

2. What you want to Experience


The Role of Kinks

Role of kinks is something we all dabble in… But put it in your day to day life style.  Your mind and body will get used to playing with your kinks.

1. Now list your Kinks for both of you to share..

Now list everything and don’t hide anything…  I know some things are TABOO but you have Trust with each other.. Right!

2. Talk about your kinks over dinner or drinks.

With this never get upset about the other person’s kinks.  This is where you get to understand them from the other person.  Keep an open mind.  Remember both of you don’t have to act it out if its not right, but its good to clear the air and know who we really are.

3. Play with the idea of each others kinks in your head for each other and have a night of sexual contact talking about it!

Sexual contact and having your partner play the idea of each others kinks is a good way to get over most fears.  Sexual body contact in heat with each other is a good way for your mind to race with your idea’s to reach the Orgasam at a new level.

What you want to Experience

Since you have the Idea’s running in your mind now its time to talk about your gained through involvement in or exposure to that “thing” or “event” of your kinks. You both will want to talk about how and when you want to play this out.

Experience is going to plays an important role in the day to day life as well with your kinks.

1. Role play it out for a night.

Be open minded and give each other what they want and need to learn.  This is a good time to learn about them as I said above but this is where you learn each other to grow in your relastionship.

What to talk about?  Talk about anything…  Creampie, GH, Gangbangs, Fisting, Anal, Pegging, Hookers, Trians and ETC…  You can go mild to wild!

Each of you will have your own ideas but you should understand on how to talk about this.


Now to the ending of this Trust Post….

I know that I might bore and this post may not have nothing to do with Cuckqueaning, but you have to have trust with everything you do with and with out each other.

Trust will benefit you both to live as happier and controlled life.



Don’t shy with what both want to do and learn as much about each other as with others to move forward to

The Mechanics of a Cuckquean and there life.

As you may have figured out that a life of a Cuckquean as a bottom is never easy.  But how would you like to be in an interactive part in learning the Mechanics of what it takes to be a in control of a Cuckquean.  This will and can help you with the do’s and the dont’s in starting your relationship with a Cuckquean/ Bottom and may give you some training tools for some to try.

What I am looking for is Comments to start with.  I will also write what is going on in my life as I live it…