The Mechanics of a Cuckquean and there life.

As you may have figured out that a life of a Cuckquean as a bottom is never easy.  But how would you like to be in an interactive part in learning the Mechanics of what it takes to be a in control of a Cuckquean.  This will and can help you with the do’s and the dont’s in starting your relationship with a Cuckquean/ Bottom and may give you some training tools for some to try.

What I am looking for is Comments to start with.  I will also write what is going on in my life as I live it…


  1. I wish I could ask a question, but to be honest I’m not sure where to start. Within the last week my wife and my’s kink went from male chastity and cuckold fantasy to me cuckqueaning her tomorrow with a co-worker. It wasn’t planned. It just kind of happened. My wife is getting off on the thought of me cheating on her, but at the same time is anxious as hell for it to hurry up and happen (plans have been building for a week or so).

    My wife hasn’t really ever let herself run with any fetish. I’ve been the primary driver of any ‘oddities’. So I want to support her in this, but I’m not exactly sure what the hell to do.

    • Well I am happy to hear that you two are in well Diverse Kink relationship with each other. You can ask anything from mild to wild… I am here for you all to talk and ask me anything.
      It sounds like your wife has done alot of thinking but I going to tell you it does come with a price of pain or sorrow. With Cuckqueaning your wife will learn self control but with self doubt and it comes out in a person in may differant ways and times.
      Rule 1 The first step to overcoming self doubt is to have her recognize that she is in the first place with you.

      This does not always work for a first time Cuckqueaning women. You reall have to work with her self confidence but I think we all know that.
      It’s good to have your wife run with a Fetish. This lets her know that she is alive and living.

      Let your wife know that you lover her before and after you cheated on her or had a women in front of her.
      Let her know the dirty things that you did to the other girl or what you want to do. (This gives her something to think about and Masterbate)
      Let your wife go huniting for a girl for you and her.
      Support her by give eachother the tools of love and trust.

      Watch for the warning signs of a bad person and talk to each other in what you know and have learned about the third person. This does really help.

      Thank you for reading and please ask me anything.

      Reigning Chaos

  2. How has the cuckquean lifestyle been working out for you so far?

    • Well it has it’s up and low’s but that is what it’s about. As far as it working… We really learn on how to manage these girls between us. We love when they are here and we are glad when they go home. Its a good feeling once you have that right girl that is with you both but I strongly like to so see how far I can take it with out breaking my wife. What does this mean? It means by loving and teasing other girl in forcing your cuckquean in to a dark hole (in meaning) to just watch and server. Even thou she did not want to serve. We learn a lot with each other and learn that we really love each other then we really think…
      When a girl leaves we both call each other and LOL and talk about how we are glad that she is gone…. But there maybe one that might be the live in but she has to pass the test in being with me… As you know I am no angle and but I can be a gentleman, lol at times. Really I am a pain in the ass to deal with and it takes a strong person to deal with me… I have broken many and I will break more. Will we find that one that will not break? I don’t know? You tell me!

      Reigning Chaos

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