Trust is every thing…. You got to have it to make your Submissive Cuckquean work.  To manage the trust is to talk about your desires and wants.  With this it starts a role of kinks which you may or may not play out.  Don’t tell each other what you think the other may want to hear… Tell them what you know you like and my want to experience.

Two key things?

1. The Role of Kinks

2. What you want to Experience


The Role of Kinks

Role of kinks is something we all dabble in… But put it in your day to day life style.  Your mind and body will get used to playing with your kinks.

1. Now list your Kinks for both of you to share..

Now list everything and don’t hide anything…  I know some things are TABOO but you have Trust with each other.. Right!

2. Talk about your kinks over dinner or drinks.

With this never get upset about the other person’s kinks.  This is where you get to understand them from the other person.  Keep an open mind.  Remember both of you don’t have to act it out if its not right, but its good to clear the air and know who we really are.

3. Play with the idea of each others kinks in your head for each other and have a night of sexual contact talking about it!

Sexual contact and having your partner play the idea of each others kinks is a good way to get over most fears.  Sexual body contact in heat with each other is a good way for your mind to race with your idea’s to reach the Orgasam at a new level.

What you want to Experience

Since you have the Idea’s running in your mind now its time to talk about your gained through involvement in or exposure to that “thing” or “event” of your kinks. You both will want to talk about how and when you want to play this out.

Experience is going to plays an important role in the day to day life as well with your kinks.

1. Role play it out for a night.

Be open minded and give each other what they want and need to learn.  This is a good time to learn about them as I said above but this is where you learn each other to grow in your relastionship.

What to talk about?  Talk about anything…  Creampie, GH, Gangbangs, Fisting, Anal, Pegging, Hookers, Trians and ETC…  You can go mild to wild!

Each of you will have your own ideas but you should understand on how to talk about this.


Now to the ending of this Trust Post….

I know that I might bore and this post may not have nothing to do with Cuckqueaning, but you have to have trust with everything you do with and with out each other.

Trust will benefit you both to live as happier and controlled life.



Don’t shy with what both want to do and learn as much about each other as with others to move forward to

The Mechanics of a Cuckquean and there life.

As you may have figured out that a life of a Cuckquean as a bottom is never easy.  But how would you like to be in an interactive part in learning the Mechanics of what it takes to be a in control of a Cuckquean.  This will and can help you with the do’s and the dont’s in starting your relationship with a Cuckquean/ Bottom and may give you some training tools for some to try.

What I am looking for is Comments to start with.  I will also write what is going on in my life as I live it…

A bene placito “At one’s pleasure”

I fight with in my self from time to time to give and not take, but at this time my slave tells me this girl is for the taking. There is a line in life that we do not cross  but we all flirt with it.  I am getting comfortable with my slave and this new girl. I’m ready to cross this line take it and control it as it is there for me. I have given time for my slave and this girl to get to know each other and I am starting to like what I see with them.

As a Top I keep my slave at my side and in force to her to keep her place while her girl is learning from what my slave is teaching her and what she see’s with me.  There have been a few times that I had to put my slave to her knees and put the crop to her.  It’s funny to see the girl watching me punished my slave and I watched this girl fall into place like pieces of a puzzle.

At times I find my self swimming with emotions that I know I should put away since I am a Top.

“Control” is the key to ones mind that no one should take unless given.

Control is a tool of thought, planning, body movement and action.  With these I control my salve to what she is today.  But with or without I still love my slave.

As I help my slave with this new girl I had to tell her that she is not to strike this girl since she is not a switch and will never will be.  I told her to please let me know what she is doing wrong and I will us the Crop on her…  My slave asked me not to hit her hard with the crop but I reminded  her that there is only one strike speed and force and that’s “My” way.

At this point I do not know where this is going with this girl but I am starting to learn to take but I still have to show my slave that I love her and still need her to serve me and not think she is on the sidelines.  My slave and the girl should get punished together and have playtime together.  I will still have my day time fun with this new girl and use her as I see fit.  As for my slave I make sure she has time with me too.

Things that we are working on with this girl.

1. She needs to suck dick right and swallow with out gagging.

2. Orgasm control.

3. Detail control.

4. Dress code.

There are others but we will work on them later…. Lets get some of these under-control first.

At this point I happy with the clean house, my puppy seems happy and that may give me the chance to relax and start enjoying this girl with my slave.

32 Hours

Its been 32 hours since we had this girl with us.  I have to say that things seem to me “OK” but never look into a windstorm.  You might get something into your eye.  At this point I don’t know what to think.  This is new grounds that my Devoted slave and I are doing.  At this point this new girl is cleaning the house that I know my Slave and I have not done in so long is such a short time.  But this girl is doing it.  MMMMmmmm.

I like watching my slave play with this girl as the girl plays with my slave…. I have never seen anything like it before or had dreamed it…..  Some times I think it’s not real and that I am in a different word.  But I am not!  I here with my slave and this girl who are both willing to do what ever I ask.

My slave has been helping this girl in doing the things that she needs to get done.  As you know she is cleaning the house as my slave gives her more chores to do.  Let me add that this girl does not bite or fight and she is always ready to be used.

Playing with this girl is some something that is better than all the playmates that my slave and I have had…  This girl is “ready” but she is “needy” to.  I do have a problem with the Needy kind but I going to put limits on that… I will explain later.  This girl is good with her cunt… Her ass is something I going to have to work over a few time but we will get there with her…. Here mouth she needs some work.. I came into her mouth and I thought that she was going to lose it, but that’s what happens.

This girl is not like my Slave and she will never will be….. But she is a great toy for my slave and I to have to help us do the things that we can not get done with the house and to help please me and my slave…  I starting to like this as I grow with my slave with this and she has been really supported with the whole thing and with in time I will thank her……  But at this time I just stand back and wait.

What do I see?  Fog,,,,, But I have my slave there with me as long as we have a good head about things I belive we will be OK.

Tick Tock

Time rolls by and all i can do is think about my True slave girl.  I think of her so often that I day-dream about things that we have done and things that we are going to do…  But I am a Top!  I need to have control in these feelings and put them in check.  I fight with my feelings that and times it get in my way.  What to do! What to say!   I am a Top a Master to my slave! I need to remain in control of her and her feelings.  I have to makes sure that I put her into her place where she will look up at me and I see that Tear in her eye that crush’s part of me, but who am I.  I am “Me” a Master of my slave.

As the time rolls by My slave and I will have a girl who will live with us as my slave and I are going to start training.  For my slave and I this is a test to see what it maybe like to have another slave around.  Whats her name…. I am going to call her “girl”!!! What is she going to do for us? Well she is going to start helping my slave with house hold chores.  My slave is very busy with her job that I belive that it will help having this girl doing the chores that my slave can not get to during the day.  I will use my girl as a Nanny at times.  I will use her to do yard work and help when I need it.  I will also use this girl to please me sexually as will as my slave will get use of her… If this girl does badly I will punish her to the fullest as I will do the same to my slave since my slave is going to teach this girl.

I have to stand Tall because of my slave.  I do not know what it is going to become of this girl but I put it up to my slave to deal with her and start getting her prepared.  In my life I do not have room to make any mistakes and that goes the same for my slave.

Hands down to my slave that takes a great challenge to deal with this girl.

Who am I!  I am the Master of my Life!

The Fetish of Life.

As I sit here with this new chapter of my life I begin to wonder is it for better or for worst.  My slave and I have been working on or fetish together but its a life fetish.  It’s what we live day-to-day with.   I will not bore any one with the details but what I can say is that life takes us to many places so that we can grow to who we are today.

As my slave and I grow together we play with all kinds of thoughts to make our life better.  We are sexually charged to each other like I have never been with any one else.  The things we do and the things we say have so much meaning when it is with her.  Tops talk about Devotion from there slave and how it means to each of us but I have never seen so much Devotion from my slave.  A slave that can be Molded, Trained, willing and so wanting.  But most all of us Tops had or has that.  I had a lot of slave in my time but this one that I have is so much a keeper

My girl and I are walking a new path together!  We are going to have a live in slave with us… There is a lot of things that go through my head that at this time I can pick them out, but I wounder is this going to better my life.  Is it going to make me have a new outlook on what to be later on….   Its only days and this new girl will be here and I am excited but I don’t see the silver lining. I going to take this as a stepping stone and post my feelings and whats going on so that maybe it will help others that want to walk on the Reigning Chaos of my Fetish of Live.